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I have compiled several things I have done or am currently working on. Feel free to click on the buttons to read about it more. I will update this as more things happen.


Finance Internship

Over two summers during college, I had the wonderful opportunity of interning with a local insurance company. There I learned many things about insurance, the business world, and finances. While working on several projects for the company, I learned how to work well with others in the office, get things done in a timely manner for deadlines, and grow my financial knowledge.



I made this website with relative ease so if you need a website created let me know. I would be more than happy to help you out in my free time. Send me a message and we will get to work.

Investing Portfolio

Since I have a degree in finance, and I find the financial markets quite interesting, I have a bit of money invested in the market. I have been doing all right for myself but that is always subject to change in a volatile market.


Creating an App

In my free time, I have started work on an app. It's nothing special or anything but it keeps me busy.

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